Growing old, living with a disability, or facing an unexpected crisis can be complicated and sometimes difficult. Challenges faced by individuals often affect the entire family. Our trained, experienced and certified staff are here to help. We assist individuals and families to navigate their way through complex healthcare, aging, disabilities, and other systems so that our clients can lead meaningful and dignified lives. Our goal is for families have more time to make memories and enjoy each other’s company instead of trying to find their way through complicated health care and home care systems.

How it Works – In our initial phone call or in person meeting we’ll learn more about your individual situation to help identify the best next step. In come cases the next step is to simply provide information and referral to an outside resource. In other, more complicates situations it requires gathering more information, creating a plan, and coordinating resources. We provide the following services.

Information and Referral – This is a service we provide information for older adults and families who already have an idea of their needs, but don’t know where to turn. We help families connect with the best resource.

Assessment and Care Planning – For individuals and families with more complex needs, our Certified Senior Advisor will meet with the individual and family to conduct an assessment and then recommend a plan of action. This assessment usually involves a visit in the home, involves family members or loved-ones if the individual approves, and can take a couple of hours. We assess several areas including health care, activities of daily living, social connections, wellness, healthcare, nutrition, transportation, and more. Once the assessment is completed, the individual and/or family should expect a recommended plan within the next few days. Based on this plan, we help coordinate the next steps.

Care Coordination – This service occurs after an assessment and plan if the individual and family choose to move forward. Care coordination involves our skilled staff helping to coordinate and manage resources so that our clients needs are met on an ongoing basis. Having a single point of contact can be helpful so that important things don’t fall through the crack. In addition, we provide ongoing monitoring, checking in, and advocacy. If circumstances change, we make adjustments to help all involved have necessary communication and success.

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