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“Masons Care” sums up the spirit behind Washington Masonic Services.

The Grand Lodge of Washington states that Freemasons are “a Fraternal organization for men of high quality who strive for self-improvement and the opportunity to make a positive difference in their community.” Put another way, Masonry “teaches good men to become better men.” Masonry “has at its core the idea that individuals have the power to make positive changes to the world around us, and that such power is best harnessed when a commitment is made to build for the good of everyone.” This is neither a religious practice nor a political philosophy. Instead, Masons share a common belief in charity, civility, and Brotherhood, which comes with a charge to: “do good unto all.”

That charge has served our state well for more than 100 years, since the first lodge was founded in Olympia in 1852 and the Grand Lodge of Washington formed in 1858. From those earliest days, the commitment to help elderly Masons, their families, and those in need in the community has been bedrock to Masonic efforts. Generations benefitted from these efforts. (For more on the history, see Our Legacy.) 



Today, Washington Masonic Services is the embodiment of “Masons Care!"

WAMS programs that are in operation now give testament that striving to “do good unto all” remains central to Masonry’s efforts in our state. As the designated 501(c)3 charitable entity for the Grand Lodge of Washington, we serve Masons and their families, as well as community members without Masonic affiliation. The common thread for service is need: seniors needing skilled assistance to age in place with safety and dignity; individuals with urgent basic life and safety needs; youth in need of support in their educational journey. WAMS also conveys the importance of Masonry’s impact in Washington’s past, present, and future through the Masonic Library & Museum.

For more information, contact us at info@masonscare.org or call 844.288.3531 toll free.

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