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Our Staff

With a caring, dedicated team working together in support of a mission to create positive change, Washington Masonic Services is committed to improving the lives of those in our community who need it most.

Megan Ferland

Executive Director
(253) 442-2525
Masonic Outreach Services, Youth Investment, Library & Museum

Aaron Simon

Deputy Director
(253) 267-8625
Human Resources, Masonic Outreach Services, Youth Investment, Library & Museum

Edward Woods

Business Development Director
(253) 267-8210
Finance, Development, Administration

Lauren Janda

executive Assistant
(253) 292-2038
Finance, Administration, marketing

Megan Johnson, CSA

Case Manager
(253) 267-8761

Christine Fox, CSA

Case Manager
(509) 572-9072
Masonic Outreach Services

Kim Maxfield, BASW

Case Manager
(509) 822-5042

Board of Trustees

Ron Horn, President

Scot Sageser, Vice President

Jeremy Yielding, Secretary

Bill Hubbard, Treasurer

Cameron Bailey, Trustee

Kurt Gazow, Trustee

Clint Brown, Trustee

Steve Martin, Trustee

Jimmy Norton, Trustee

Roger Nelson, Trustee

Chris Haynes, Trustee

Ryan Leonard, Trustee

WAMS Committees

Finance Committee

  • Bill Hubbard, Chair

Development Committee

  • Scot Sageser, Chair

Governance Committee

  • Jimmy Norton, Chair

Marketing & Communication Committee

  • Roger Nelson, Chair

Youth Investment Advisory Committee

  • Winton Smith, Chair

Library & Museum Advisory Committee

  • Jeremy Yielding, Chair

Masonic Outreach Advisory Committee

  • Jim Hamlin, Chair


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