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How Washington Masonic Services Brought Hope to One Family

We are honored to work with dedicated professionals who bring hope and support to countless individuals in need. We recently received a letter that touched our hearts, highlighting the incredible impact one of our case managers had on a family in Washington State.The daughter of a couple struggling with health issues and financial challenges reached out to us in a time of desperation.

As an only child, she had been caring for her parents emotionally, financially, and mentally for most of her life. The burden had become overwhelming, and she was losing hope.

After exhausting all other resources and not finding the help she needed, the daughter made one final call, reaching out to Washington Masonic Services.
On a Friday afternoon, the case manager she connected with listened for more than two hours as she shared her story. The daughter described it as the first time in her life when she felt genuinely heard.
Our case manager took immediate action to help the family. From purchasing raised toilet seats and other accessibility aids to advocating for the family’s rent situation, the case manager worked tirelessly to make a difference in their lives. One of the most significant contributions was building a network of support for the family. She contacted numerous social workers, agencies, and organizations that could assist them. The case manager ensured that the parents got on Medicaid and Medicare, brought them current with their rent, and even accompanied the family to a cancer care consultation.

In the daughter’s words, the case manager was an “emotionally intelligent listener” who offered a break from care that she never thought she would have.

The daughter’s letter concluded with heartfelt gratitude: “There are very few people that inherently have the grace, the compassion, the leadership, the patience, and the determination that our case manager has. The world would be in a far better place if we had more people like her. I wish there were words to convey how grateful I am both to the case manager and Washington Masonic Services for having her on staff and offering this type of lifeline.”

In peace,

Washington Masonic Services
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