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End of Year Appeal 2023

At Washington Masonic Services, we believe no one should have to struggle to safeguard the well-being of their loved ones as they age. Money shouldn’t stop a student from getting the education that will help secure their future. And no family should endure the crisis of losing their home to a wildfire. Unfortunately, those are the realities faced by too many in our Masonic Family and our surrounding communities. Thanks to supporters like you, though, the lives of hundreds of people across Washington have been made better because of the work we do.

From helping a Masonic widow apply to a weatherization program to replace her furnace to bringing food to a family enduring the final days of hospice care for their patriarch, our Outreach Services case managers are a lifeline for nearly 400 seniors and others in need each year. One client shared, “I wish there were words to convey how grateful I am for the case manager and Washington Masonic Services…

Our Youth Investment Scholarships amount grew by 250% from 2022 to 2023, giving even more students the steppingstone they need to craft a brighter future. We’ll add more awards this year, including one dedicated to supporting students in vocational/trade programs. As one of last year’s award recipients stated, “I’m so excited to be starting on this new path in my life, and I’m so thankful that you decided to be a part of my journey.”

These examples show a facet of how one Masonic entity is impacting our community today. The Masonic Library & Museum, though, celebrates the full richness of Masonic Heritage in our state’s past, present, and future. We’re in the initial stages of remodeling this space to proudly share the vibrant story of Washington Masonry with both our members and the wider public.

As we move into 2024, we invite you to join other supporters in making a difference through Washington Masonic Services. No matter the size, your gift will help us to:

• Provide more relief services to seniors and those in need;

• Fund additional vocational/trade scholarships;

• Respond quickly through our Emergency Needs Fund; and

• Offset Masonic Library & Museum Remodel costs.

Many paths to give exist, including one-time or monthly donations, bequests, and gifts from stock, donor advised funds, or Qualified Charitable Distributions, which could be more “tax smart.” For more information or to give, go to www.masonscare.org/give

We look forward to this year with hope and a deep commitment to serve. We’re grateful for your continued support and belief in our work. Together, we can create a lasting impact for Masons, your families, and communities.

With gratitude,

Megan Ferland
Executive Director, Washington Masonic Services

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